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Why use Coral?

Coral is accomplished in the field of dye-sub printed fabrics. We have a wide variety of polyester based fabrics that have been tried, tested and endorsed in installations around the world - that are easily adopted to a range of applications from back-lit displays to tensioned fabric systems, event branding and point of sale.

Our research is continual. New textiles, better finishing processes, high resolution dye sublimation printing are just some of the areas being repeatedly improved upon so our clients can utilise even more creative possibilities in their designs.

The appetite for digitally printed fabric is ever increasing and this trend will continue into the future. The advances in machine technologies coupled with fabric manufacturing and finishing techniques have helped to make fabric the new 'best option' for a whole range of applications. And, in doing so, they've opened up tremendous growth opportunities in all kinds of markets - from architectural and retail, to events and exhibitions.

All in all, there has never been a better time to consider the many advantages that Coral can help you realise within these markets with digitally printed fabrics.

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Fabric Applications

Flags and flag displays systems are obvious applications whether it is national emblems & flags, corporate logos, or promotional designs.

Digitally printed fabric banners, fencing, speaker scrims are ideal for outdoor festivals and events. Major sports events including motor racing, yachting and athletics, are good examples. Other events such as air shows, music concerts, country fairs, grand openings, motor shows, beach events (volley ball, surfing etc), show the diversity of events that use digitally printed fabrics to the best effect.

The retail market embraces fabrics for forthcoming promotions and events using a wide range of fabrics to reflect the prestige and image quality of their products.

The exhibition industry finds an ever-increasing usage of fabrics incorporating tensioned fabric systems elements into stand designs.

Speciality applications cover perhaps the most diverse opportunities from personalised handbags to canvas art, floor mats to shower curtains, window blinds to deck chairs, upholstery to cushions and much, much more.

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